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Lessons for Children:


We are able to teach children from 8 years of age upwards, after school and at weekends. For those who have never ridden before, our policy is to provide 30 minute lessons on the lunge rein* until the child is up to standard and confident enough to ride unassisted.  When they are able to canter, they may join a small group lesson.  We aim to keep the groups small and try to limit them to 4 children, so that in addition to riding we can encourage interaction with the ponies  e.g.  help with untacking.
We can offer a special deal for children ‘Pay for 6 lessons in advance, and get the 7th lesson free’.


* A lunge rein lesson means that the instructor will encourage the pony to move round in a circle on a long rein and be in control at all times.  This will enable the child to get used to the pony moving beneath him/her and to concentrate on their balance and position in the saddle.

When ready, children can take up the challenge of learning to jump if they wish.